PJ is simply the best. I had personal trainers in the past and none nearly as good as PJ. He is knowledgeable, highly trained and educated in his field, mixes many different forms of exercise and your workout is always exciting and fun. He can work around your injuries and your schedule. He motivates and gets your best out of you. I’m in the best shape of my life because of PJ’a help! #BestDayEver
— Bobby
PJ provides a unique training program for each of his client. He motivates me in and out of the gym. Treats us a part of family. He will bring the best out of you. More power to you PJ.. May you help more people reach their fitness goals.
— Wilson Santos
Had a great experience training with PJ, he didn’t just take me out of my comfort zone physically but mentally too. I had one on one boxing classes with him and I was always exciting looking forward to the next session. If you are looking for a great coach PJ is the one to go to.
— Oti Cruz
Training with PJ was and still is a great experience, very knowledgeable of fitness and martial arts, I’m always learning something new that I haven’t done before and he is always giving me something more the next session not letting me stay were I am but pushing me to be more very inspiring and great positive vibes highly highly recommended.
— Ray Jauregui
I’ve known PJ for more than a year and he’s a great trainer. We have been working in private sessions (boxing, core, overall body) and the results have been showing. I highly recommend him for boxing, striking, and overall fitness improvement.
— Ray M.
PJ is an amazing trainer!! Not only does he inspire you to reach your fitness goals, but he is hands down the most motivational life coach I have ever encountered. Our workouts are tough but the results speak volumes. PJ is simply the best!
— Jen
From one fitness professional to the next, Pj has personally helped me a great deal in developing a personal training business of my own. I’m a professional fighter as well as a personal trainer, and have done strength and conditioning, and boxing pad work with some of the best, and he’s right up there with the best of them. So much so that I used his services a lot in training camps for fights. His energy alone , always motivated me in camp on my hardest days and got me thru. His ability to speak life into a person is bar none. He helped me a great deal personally and professionally and still motivates me to this day. I wish I still had his presence in my gym circle back here on the east coast. But right now, I’ll rely on his continued uplifting post on Instagram and YouTube.
— Anthony Terrell
PJ is an outstanding trainer. His workouts are fun, challenging and specific to your goals. PJ’s consistent positivity and boundless energy will make you look forward to your next session.
— Alex S.
PJ is the best trainer I’ve ever worked with, hands down. He will get you in shape but more importantly, become your friend and cheerleader in life. Now that is a rare combination. I feel totally blessed to have met him and recommend him without any qualification whatsoever. You’d be lucky to have PJ in your life. ❤️
— Holly
Incredible coach & trainer, sessions where fun, energetic & challenging. I can’t believe how fast we conquered my goals & became healthier. Truly a blessing working with PJ! Hands down best trainer I’ve ever seen!!
— Jacob Riley
Training with PJ is the best decision I’ve ever made since starting my fitness journey! There have been days where I’ve felt like I reaching my goals seemed impossible, but PJ’s positive energy is so motivating and contagious. My training sessions with PJ quickly went from feeling like an obligation to one of the highlights of my week!! Whether I am training boxing, preparing for my next Spartan race, or just simply trying to reach my next weight loss goal PJ has always provided the right training and nutrition plan to help me be successful. I’ve lost over 65 lbs and I couldn’t have done it without PJ’s help! When you train with PJ you always have your Best day ever!
— Andy Martinez
Best personal trainer in LA! No doubt had the best time ever & lost a lot of weight during our training program. Thankful to have trained with PJ.
— Paul
PJ is a great coach, I wanted someone who would work at my pace and push me all at the same time and he does just that. In just a few weeks I have been able to feel a difference. The boxing methods are a blast. Thanks, PJ!
— Dixie
Probably one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with, great energy, unbelievable workout. I certainly got better training with Pj.
— Dwain Johnson II
PJ is an amazing trainer! He’s always flexible with my schedule and is great to work with. He’s really good at motivating me and pushing me to reach my fitness goals. I’d recommend him to any of my friends no matter where they’re starting at physically. Also, he plays really good music while you train. Thanks PJ!!
— Lindsey
I’ve had several personal trainers in the past and no one compares to PJ. He is simply the best!! I’ve trained with PJ for over 18 months now and I look forward to every session. He is very knowledgeable, creates different routines and work outs and can work around your injuries and schedule. Whether you are in a fully equipped gym or outdoor soccer field rest assured that he will get the most out of you. I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to PJ’s help. I would recommend him highly! #BestDayEver
— Bobby S
PJ is more than just a fitness/boxing coach, he is a friend, life coach, and confidant!  I’ve never been as motivated to go the gym as much as I have since I’ve met PJ.  I never thought I could ever be as good in boxing as I am now, and that’s all because of his guidance.  The best part is that he not only excels in boxing, but he is knowledgeable in many other areas of fitness as well: Muay Thai, TRX, health and nutrition, weight training, etc.   PJ keeps his workouts fresh and exciting by changing locations and level of difficulty so that there is never a dull moment.  He’s definitely the best, all around coach I’ve ever had!!!  Motivation and encouragement is just as important as the workouts themselves, and PJ has honestly given me the confidence I was always lacking.  So blessed to have him in my life!  Highly recommend PJ if you want someone you can trust with your fitness goals!!!
— Tiff Shum
Pj is an amazing coach! His energy and positive in addition to his knowledge makes you want to keep going! He always brightens. My day!!
— Hejira Thompson
Pj is like no other personal trainer. In fact, he’s like no other period! He demonstrates a wealth of knowledge and expertise. He is passionate about his craft and it shows in his work ethic and persona.
He genuinely cares about his clients as he pushes them to their fullest potential. He has a unique talent and skill set that not only helps his clients achieve their personal fitness goals but makes it fun and exciting. I highly recommend Pj.........,.........BEST COACH EVER!
— Sekuda Mam
I have had a few personal trainers in the past 5 years but no one can come close to PJ. He is truly the best out there. He motivates you to be the best you truly can. He brings the best out of you and makes the workouts tailored to what you need. He is not just a trainer but also a motivational speaker. I’ve referred him to several of my friends and family members and all extremely happy. #bestdayever
— Pedram Shabatian