What happens when you are on the journey, and run into a difficulty?

Where do you go when situations and circumstances don't go in your favor? On the road from where you once were to where you are going there lies a complex place of the mundane & meticulous called the "In-between". So what happens in the in between?

No doubt progress is a process, the road to success requires both patience and persistence. We all have experienced seasons where we seem stalled, like our progress has been on hold. The vision for our lives may be skewed, yet I assure you the time called " in between" is sometimes the most important and influential times in your life in regards to the longevity of your success.

If your plan isn't clear or your vision is not concrete, it may be time to redefine some things. For example, if the team around you doesn't have your best interest at heart or is not helping you steadily mature in to becoming the man or woman you know you are supposed to be - it may be time to reconsider your team or who you allow to speak in to your life. 

So what do you in the in between...

Analyze, strategize, take steps to maximize your moments, make progress behind the scenes and have your best day ever everyday!