Life is meant to be enjoyed. Life is meant to involve change. What life is never meant to be is done alone. I think one of the number one reasons people never achieve greatness or success in their lives is that they have attempted or strived to do life by themselves. Not only are humans creatures of habit, we are also creatures of community. We simply excel better around people, we grow better around people, we learn and, develop more rapidly with people. Athletes can evolve at a faster rate with a teammate or leader around them. In the business field, having a mentor or advisor can help propel your career forward at an astounding rate. Simply put, we function, focus, flourish and feel better in community.

For being as strong and independent as we humans are, we have a need to facilitate community but it scares most people because community involves vulnerability. Yes, doing life with others will make life better and help you go further, but it can also make it more difficult because it means showing people the real you. Being vulnerable means unashamedly asking for help when you need it. True community springs from being totally known: the good, the bad & the ugly. Being open about yourself, your needs, your struggles, and your pain invites people into that space but also opens opportunity to invoke help, revive love, and for people to come along side of you in your struggles. 

Whether you are the athlete looking to find experienced teammates in your field, the business man or woman seeking mentorship, or the student searching for leadership, this message is for us. We all need to do life with others and grow in community. 

Whether you are currently doing life on your own or you are already rooted down in a solid community, I admonish you to find a community that you can thrive in. Strive for greatness, be real and be open. Love others and make each day the Best Day Ever!