What areas of your life have you given less than your best effort?
What has caused you to hold back? Where can you find space to give an ALL OUT effort?

These are great questions for growth, maturity & getting better in life but only you can answer them. As much as I desire for everyone to reach their full potential in life, I can only motivate so much. The intrinsic motivation must be pulled from within. Greatness is inside you but...

Hindsight is always 20/20 and I can personally see seasons, moments, opportunities in my past where I didn't give all myself & the results have always been less than satisfactory. Today as one who has seen success pass him by I urge you to go ALL IN in whatever you do, wherever you are and no matter what your past looked like. 
In order to see the next phase of your life move successfully you will have to sacrifice & use each day to the fullest.
Maximize your moments, go ALL IN & make each day the best day ever!