Almost every day, I throw the words around “BEST DAY EVER.” But some still may question what I mean by that and how does one achieve it? It’s actually very simple. 

Regulating all the 86,400 moments we have every day is usually a task most of the Type A personalities enjoy. Typically, we think of Type A people as rule followers, those who are diligent, organized, persistent, and consistent. Type B’s are more relaxed, and place less stress on following rules and organization. I am Type A, which means I am happiest when everything goes as I planned it. Even for Type A personalities, life can throw a wrench in their to-the-moment plans. Sporadic moments seem to always take place, and those can potentially ruin our plan.  So I want to mention a few of my favorite components that can help make everyday the best day ever. 


1.Wake up early and get stuff done.

I believe nothing is more important than starting the day early and working hard during every moment you can. The most exclusive, most important, and most beneficial aspect of starting your day off right, is starting your day off early. Now not everyone is programmed to be up early, actually most of us despise being up in the early morning. But I assure you, rising early and conquering your day from your first waking moment is an essential aspect to finishing forward.


2. Be healthy mentally

Before getting better physically or emotionally I believe it is essential that we grow mentally and learn from everyday life. Having the best day ever means learning from every moment seeing each day as a way to chase to progress. Having the knowledge to build, learning from past mistakes, and being mindful help each day become more fluid. As our days flow and we can take charge of our mind, we can begin to read more effectively, absorbing more from what we are applying ourselves to.  The being healthy mentally involves working in our creative space—writing more, reading more, working out more, expanding our mind. Each day, mentally growing increases room for us to grow in other areas of life.


3. Taking charge of our Reactions, Responses, and Reasoning

Enjoying  life is about 10% of what actually happens and 90%  how we respond to it. We cannot control everything. Actually,life has a funny way of showing us that we really don’t have that much control. So although we can’t control what other people do, or the outcome of a given situation, we can always choose to be positive by seeing the best in every situation, forgiving every person, and giving the benefit of doubt. We can take charge of how we respond in all times. Our relationships would grow ten fold if we reacted in healthier ways, and grow in responding with love in every situation. Today, take steps to improve your life by loving out loud, listening well and responding favorably. 


Try these tips; research and study your own life and what ways you can maximize each moment and live the best life possible.