There is no coincidence that today you woke up, and it’s early—so far you haven’t made any mistakes. This moment, the first one in your day, holds so much weight. In each moment, as you make a decision today, do it mindfully. Through this week and through the rest of this month, you can have the best year of your life to date. We each have been given 86,400 moments a day.

 This lets us know that despite what critics may say, life can be fair (to a certain degree)—we each have a certain amount of time. Although we cannot choose our upbringing or our parents, we can respond in a healthy manner to our circumstances. We have the ability to fight through painful past experiences if we remember that no pain goes in vain. What may have been intended to harm us will eventually turn around and become our good, If we fight forward and never give up. We weren’t meant to lose in this life; we have been called to a higher purpose.

  We have been fashioned to adapt, overcome and conquer. Too many of us allow this world to rot us from the inside out and crush our imaginations. I remember as a child believing that anything was possible. I remember imagining that I could do any and everything. I believed everyone was good and trusted those around me. Somewhere along the way I grew stale and corrupted by the world. So as I am writing, I’m speaking not only to you but also to myself. Let’s get back to believing again. Let’s get back to believing the good in others, and get back to loving others. Lets give our best effort in this collection of time we call life and continue to commit to excellence in everything we do.

Get out, Get going, and make this day your best day ever.