Today is the 28th anniversary of when God decided to place me on planet earth. It’s my birthday! It is a remarkable time when I get to celebrate life, days passed, hopes for the future, and all the people that have played a significant part of who I am and where I am. As I look back at all the moments, memories, lessons, blessings and pains I can without a doubt, give praise to my parents, and thanks to my mentors and to all those that have believed in me.   

              I don’t think birthdays should be a time to be selfish. It should be a day to honor those around you, those whom you love and the community of amazing people you’ve been blessed with to do life together. No one is perfect, and they don’t have to be. So I am not ashamed that I am, and that I am surrounded by, not-so-perfect people. God used my mother and father as a vessel to bring me into the world. They gave their best effort to raise me, lead me and inspire me to be great and hold nothing back in life. As I continue to grow into the fullness of my purpose, my one true hope and prayer is that everyone around me will experience a purposeful shift to maximize their life.

              Each day I wake up, I experience brand new mercy, and I try my best to open my eyes to all the possibilities of life. Days are just a collection of time, and each moment can be maximized to its fullness if we are willing and able to let go of the past and remove all limits an boundaries. Today is a day you will never get back again, so why would we ever allow our pasts mistakes, pains from others, or the fear of failure keep us from giving today all we have. Use these few moments you have—remember you only 86,400 to work with! So my question to you is this: what you going to do about your time? How are you going to make today the BEST DAY EVER!