We will never get this day back!

You woke up! 

It's a new day!

A fresh start!

A brand new, unique opportunity. 

It's a day not quite like one ever before or ever

again. You have life! So let's smile, love life and maximize each moment.

When you look at life through a positive perspective, everything changes. 

No more negativity ain't nobody got time for

that. It doesn't matter what happened yesterday; you can't change it.

Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, so we have to enjoy this

one day to the fullest. Today is a blessing that many didn't wake up to experience, so no

matter what situation or circumstance you woke up to, today is proof that you have

purpose! You survived the worst of your days and so far nothing has stopped you, so everything in front of you, you can, will and must handle.

Invest in this day and give it all you have.

Why would you ever hold anything back or leave regrets?

You are so much further than you were before. So never be discouraged, God has a purpose

for your life and today you have 86,400 moments to make this the best day of your life.

 Maximize each moment, help every person you can and make this day the BEST DAY EVER!