What's does it take to be a champion ?

We grow up idolizing champions, wanting to be great, seeing the Tom Bradys, Beyoncés, Floyd Mayweathers, Steve Jobs, the Martin Luther Luther Kings of the world. They have dreams, walk them out and make a difference in the world. 

How is there such a gap between those that reach their full potential and those that gaze at their dreams from the sideline? Many factors go into being a champion: talent, hard work and commitment are just a few. Also recognizing and understanding the patterns of champions will enable you to progress & walk in purpose.

You been given the talent—everything you do requires some level of talent. Your stage may the NFL, American Idol, Wall Street, the White House, at Hillsong Conference or in the UFC octagon. But whether it is a big or small stage, and whether or not people tweet about it doesn't take away from the importance of the opportunity and you doing your best. 

I used to play football in college and I loved winning. However, throughout the seasons, I realized like life, football is a team game and it takes more than one person to be successful. To grow and be a champion, we must do life together. We will not always be able to control the outcome but we can certainly control our effort. 

Whoever/wherever you are, you can make an impact and that responsibility shouldn't be taken lightly. By your consistent commitment to your calling you can impact lives, create change and live as a champion. Every time you wake up, 100% of your effort should go into 100% of what you do! 

Have a winning mindset. Have the mind of a conqueror, and dominate every atmosphere you enter in! And make today your Best Day Ever. 


-Coach PJ