Whats your why? ?

What is the reason you keep fighting?

Whatever or whoever motivates and inspires you be thankful today. A fresh start is something to rejoice in. So today, celebrate life, maximize your moments and have the best day ever.

Lose an Extra Pound a Week


When it comes to health and fitness, one of the most sought after results is seeing pounds change on the scale. Weight loss is the among the most requested goals that personal trainers receive from clients. To the fitness professional, this may be somewhat easy and calculated. But to the average American… That’s not usually the case. With this being said, I thought I'd break it down and share how losing weight can be made attainable and available to anyone.  
Weight loss is essentially about calories burned versus calories consumed. Think of it like a scale. When you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight, whereas, when you consume more calories than you burn you will consequentially gain weight. 

One pound equates to about 3,500 calories. 3,500 calories divided by 7 (days) is roughly about 500 calories per day. If you can work towards a 500/day calorie deficit for an entire week, you will lose one pound. Sounds simple, right? If your daily caloric intake is 2500 calories/day you would have to burn 3000 calories/day for a week to see that pound come off the scale. Of course, saying it is much easier than doing it. Here are some easy ways to follow through. 

1.) Food Diary

To successfully utilize a food journal, write down the food items you eat for every meal and snack, the portion sizes of each food item, ingredients used, and the beverages drank.  If you are deterred by the inconvenience of writing down everything you eat, there are technological advances. Try a cell phone app, like MyFitnessPal, which allows you to take pictures before and after your meals and snack. Utilizing tools like this will make journaling faster and easier.

2.) Track your Calories burned 

Start tracking your steps with a FitBit or Jawbone. Knowing the other end of the equation is essential to knowing where you are going. Using a heart rate monitor, a tracking device, or even your iPhone you can begin to track and log your calories burned each day. 10,000 steps a day is a good goal, but again, start with a challenge that you know is within reach. 

3.) Get Accountability

Get an accountability partner. Two heads are always better than one. In the case of your health and fitness it is always better to have someone along side you: a coach, a friend, a spouse, a co-worker. Have someone in your corner that will hold you accountable, make you better, and elevate you to reach your goals each and every day!

Being in the in-between

What happens when you are on the journey, and run into a difficulty?

Where do you go when situations and circumstances don't go in your favor? On the road from where you once were to where you are going there lies a complex place of the mundane & meticulous called the "In-between". So what happens in the in between?

No doubt progress is a process, the road to success requires both patience and persistence. We all have experienced seasons where we seem stalled, like our progress has been on hold. The vision for our lives may be skewed, yet I assure you the time called " in between" is sometimes the most important and influential times in your life in regards to the longevity of your success.

If your plan isn't clear or your vision is not concrete, it may be time to redefine some things. For example, if the team around you doesn't have your best interest at heart or is not helping you steadily mature in to becoming the man or woman you know you are supposed to be - it may be time to reconsider your team or who you allow to speak in to your life. 

So what do you in the in between...

Analyze, strategize, take steps to maximize your moments, make progress behind the scenes and have your best day ever everyday!


Don't do life alone

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Life is meant to involve change. What life is never meant to be is done alone. I think one of the number one reasons people never achieve greatness or success in their lives is that they have attempted or strived to do life by themselves. Not only are humans creatures of habit, we are also creatures of community. We simply excel better around people, we grow better around people, we learn and, develop more rapidly with people. Athletes can evolve at a faster rate with a teammate or leader around them. In the business field, having a mentor or advisor can help propel your career forward at an astounding rate. Simply put, we function, focus, flourish and feel better in community.

For being as strong and independent as we humans are, we have a need to facilitate community but it scares most people because community involves vulnerability. Yes, doing life with others will make life better and help you go further, but it can also make it more difficult because it means showing people the real you. Being vulnerable means unashamedly asking for help when you need it. True community springs from being totally known: the good, the bad & the ugly. Being open about yourself, your needs, your struggles, and your pain invites people into that space but also opens opportunity to invoke help, revive love, and for people to come along side of you in your struggles. 

Whether you are the athlete looking to find experienced teammates in your field, the business man or woman seeking mentorship, or the student searching for leadership, this message is for us. We all need to do life with others and grow in community. 

Whether you are currently doing life on your own or you are already rooted down in a solid community, I admonish you to find a community that you can thrive in. Strive for greatness, be real and be open. Love others and make each day the Best Day Ever! 

Workout from home?

Being healthy, staying fit, and living well are three aspects of life that, safe to say, all humans generally want for themselves and their children. However, attaining these goals and simply desiring these goals are two different topics. Most people believe a few things about fitness, such as: I can’t do it alone, I’ll never get in shape, or I need a gym membership. I will get to most of these myths in later blogs throughout the summer, but today I’m going to talk about working out at home and share a few tips on how to get in shape and get healthy while doing so within the comforts of your own home. 

I love fitness. It’s not only a part of my career, it’s my passion. I can also boldly declare that I currently do not own a gym membership. And, to be completely honest, I haven’t had a gym membership for over ten years. "Why?" you may ask. Well, it hasn’t been because of laziness or even lack in budget. I have found that working out at home can be more than proficient when it comes to improving as well as maintaining your health and fitness.

My favorite part of working out at home is being able to get it done first thing in the morning without having to leave the drive way. Fasted cardio in the morning, cardio done when your body is not processing food and insulin levels are low, has its benefits. But for me one of the best parts is that during early morning exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. Think cheap therapy and a free momentary antidepressant. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. Studies have shown health benefits of exercising early in the morning having substantial increases in energy through out the day. I’ve seen results that I stand by and I will definitely continue working out first thing in the morning; below is one of my favorite morning routines.


[7-10 Minutes long]

•5 Burpees

•10 push ups

•15 squats

•20 lunges (10 each side)

•25 Sit Ups

•30 Bicycle Crunches

•35 jumping jacks

•40 mountain climbers (20 each side)

*After you finish cool down and stretch get a post workout meal aka breakfast and have the best day ever. 


What areas of your life have you given less than your best effort?
What has caused you to hold back? Where can you find space to give an ALL OUT effort?

These are great questions for growth, maturity & getting better in life but only you can answer them. As much as I desire for everyone to reach their full potential in life, I can only motivate so much. The intrinsic motivation must be pulled from within. Greatness is inside you but...

Hindsight is always 20/20 and I can personally see seasons, moments, opportunities in my past where I didn't give all myself & the results have always been less than satisfactory. Today as one who has seen success pass him by I urge you to go ALL IN in whatever you do, wherever you are and no matter what your past looked like. 
In order to see the next phase of your life move successfully you will have to sacrifice & use each day to the fullest.
Maximize your moments, go ALL IN & make each day the best day ever!

What does a good day look like

Almost every day, I throw the words around “BEST DAY EVER.” But some still may question what I mean by that and how does one achieve it? It’s actually very simple. 

Regulating all the 86,400 moments we have every day is usually a task most of the Type A personalities enjoy. Typically, we think of Type A people as rule followers, those who are diligent, organized, persistent, and consistent. Type B’s are more relaxed, and place less stress on following rules and organization. I am Type A, which means I am happiest when everything goes as I planned it. Even for Type A personalities, life can throw a wrench in their to-the-moment plans. Sporadic moments seem to always take place, and those can potentially ruin our plan.  So I want to mention a few of my favorite components that can help make everyday the best day ever. 


1.Wake up early and get stuff done.

I believe nothing is more important than starting the day early and working hard during every moment you can. The most exclusive, most important, and most beneficial aspect of starting your day off right, is starting your day off early. Now not everyone is programmed to be up early, actually most of us despise being up in the early morning. But I assure you, rising early and conquering your day from your first waking moment is an essential aspect to finishing forward.


2. Be healthy mentally

Before getting better physically or emotionally I believe it is essential that we grow mentally and learn from everyday life. Having the best day ever means learning from every moment seeing each day as a way to chase to progress. Having the knowledge to build, learning from past mistakes, and being mindful help each day become more fluid. As our days flow and we can take charge of our mind, we can begin to read more effectively, absorbing more from what we are applying ourselves to.  The being healthy mentally involves working in our creative space—writing more, reading more, working out more, expanding our mind. Each day, mentally growing increases room for us to grow in other areas of life.


3. Taking charge of our Reactions, Responses, and Reasoning

Enjoying  life is about 10% of what actually happens and 90%  how we respond to it. We cannot control everything. Actually,life has a funny way of showing us that we really don’t have that much control. So although we can’t control what other people do, or the outcome of a given situation, we can always choose to be positive by seeing the best in every situation, forgiving every person, and giving the benefit of doubt. We can take charge of how we respond in all times. Our relationships would grow ten fold if we reacted in healthier ways, and grow in responding with love in every situation. Today, take steps to improve your life by loving out loud, listening well and responding favorably. 


Try these tips; research and study your own life and what ways you can maximize each moment and live the best life possible.

There's No Telling

Today is a fresh start to proactively move forward in your life, in your career, and in your relationships.
No one truly knows what today holds. We can schedule,
We can plan,
We can calculate what our next steps are or what we think the day should look like. And yet, life has a funny way of reminding us that we are not in control. Emergencies happen, things come up. Every detail of our lives cannot be micromanaged. Good seasons come as well as bad seasons.

Since there is no telling how this day in front of you is going to take course, it may leaving you ask, "Why can’t we just let life come at us?"

We may not be able to control situations entirely, but the amount of effort we put in is completely up to us. How hard we work and what we work hard to do is a choice we can consciously make each and every moment. We can’t change how others work but we can continue to smile and put forth our own best effort.

Take the step today to choose to see the best in every circumstance, to work hard in all situations, and to better yourself as well as those around you.

Make the most of this day.
Make it the BEST DAY EVER!

Only Today

There is no coincidence that today you woke up, and it’s early—so far you haven’t made any mistakes. This moment, the first one in your day, holds so much weight. In each moment, as you make a decision today, do it mindfully. Through this week and through the rest of this month, you can have the best year of your life to date. We each have been given 86,400 moments a day.

 This lets us know that despite what critics may say, life can be fair (to a certain degree)—we each have a certain amount of time. Although we cannot choose our upbringing or our parents, we can respond in a healthy manner to our circumstances. We have the ability to fight through painful past experiences if we remember that no pain goes in vain. What may have been intended to harm us will eventually turn around and become our good, If we fight forward and never give up. We weren’t meant to lose in this life; we have been called to a higher purpose.

  We have been fashioned to adapt, overcome and conquer. Too many of us allow this world to rot us from the inside out and crush our imaginations. I remember as a child believing that anything was possible. I remember imagining that I could do any and everything. I believed everyone was good and trusted those around me. Somewhere along the way I grew stale and corrupted by the world. So as I am writing, I’m speaking not only to you but also to myself. Let’s get back to believing again. Let’s get back to believing the good in others, and get back to loving others. Lets give our best effort in this collection of time we call life and continue to commit to excellence in everything we do.

Get out, Get going, and make this day your best day ever.

Birthday Blog

Today is the 28th anniversary of when God decided to place me on planet earth. It’s my birthday! It is a remarkable time when I get to celebrate life, days passed, hopes for the future, and all the people that have played a significant part of who I am and where I am. As I look back at all the moments, memories, lessons, blessings and pains I can without a doubt, give praise to my parents, and thanks to my mentors and to all those that have believed in me.   

              I don’t think birthdays should be a time to be selfish. It should be a day to honor those around you, those whom you love and the community of amazing people you’ve been blessed with to do life together. No one is perfect, and they don’t have to be. So I am not ashamed that I am, and that I am surrounded by, not-so-perfect people. God used my mother and father as a vessel to bring me into the world. They gave their best effort to raise me, lead me and inspire me to be great and hold nothing back in life. As I continue to grow into the fullness of my purpose, my one true hope and prayer is that everyone around me will experience a purposeful shift to maximize their life.

              Each day I wake up, I experience brand new mercy, and I try my best to open my eyes to all the possibilities of life. Days are just a collection of time, and each moment can be maximized to its fullness if we are willing and able to let go of the past and remove all limits an boundaries. Today is a day you will never get back again, so why would we ever allow our pasts mistakes, pains from others, or the fear of failure keep us from giving today all we have. Use these few moments you have—remember you only 86,400 to work with! So my question to you is this: what you going to do about your time? How are you going to make today the BEST DAY EVER!




Today's a new day

We will never get this day back!

You woke up! 

It's a new day!

A fresh start!

A brand new, unique opportunity. 

It's a day not quite like one ever before or ever

again. You have life! So let's smile, love life and maximize each moment.

When you look at life through a positive perspective, everything changes. 

No more negativity ain't nobody got time for

that. It doesn't matter what happened yesterday; you can't change it.

Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, so we have to enjoy this

one day to the fullest. Today is a blessing that many didn't wake up to experience, so no

matter what situation or circumstance you woke up to, today is proof that you have

purpose! You survived the worst of your days and so far nothing has stopped you, so everything in front of you, you can, will and must handle.

Invest in this day and give it all you have.

Why would you ever hold anything back or leave regrets?

You are so much further than you were before. So never be discouraged, God has a purpose

for your life and today you have 86,400 moments to make this the best day of your life.

 Maximize each moment, help every person you can and make this day the BEST DAY EVER!

What does it take to be a champion?

What's does it take to be a champion ?

We grow up idolizing champions, wanting to be great, seeing the Tom Bradys, Beyoncés, Floyd Mayweathers, Steve Jobs, the Martin Luther Luther Kings of the world. They have dreams, walk them out and make a difference in the world. 

How is there such a gap between those that reach their full potential and those that gaze at their dreams from the sideline? Many factors go into being a champion: talent, hard work and commitment are just a few. Also recognizing and understanding the patterns of champions will enable you to progress & walk in purpose.

You been given the talent—everything you do requires some level of talent. Your stage may the NFL, American Idol, Wall Street, the White House, at Hillsong Conference or in the UFC octagon. But whether it is a big or small stage, and whether or not people tweet about it doesn't take away from the importance of the opportunity and you doing your best. 

I used to play football in college and I loved winning. However, throughout the seasons, I realized like life, football is a team game and it takes more than one person to be successful. To grow and be a champion, we must do life together. We will not always be able to control the outcome but we can certainly control our effort. 

Whoever/wherever you are, you can make an impact and that responsibility shouldn't be taken lightly. By your consistent commitment to your calling you can impact lives, create change and live as a champion. Every time you wake up, 100% of your effort should go into 100% of what you do! 

Have a winning mindset. Have the mind of a conqueror, and dominate every atmosphere you enter in! And make today your Best Day Ever. 


-Coach PJ

Best Day Ever

Most of the time we cannot see the whole picture of what our future will be, which can be frightening, but the journey of faith can be exciting if we let it.

We may not know specifics of what tomorrow holds, but each new day can guarantee one thing—OPPORTUNITY. Growth and maturity call, and adventure knocks at the door with each sunrise. 

Will you decide to venture out into life, trusting and believing that today can be your best day ever? Or will you fall into the ever present lies that society will tell you? The main lies are usually centered around not being good enough, being a failure, or never being able to accomplish our goals.

No one said life was going to be easy, no one ever said pain wouldn’t come, no one said change wouldn't come. But, today, remind yourself that change is an effective way to continue your trajectory.If something doesn’t challenge you, it won't change you. So don't expect an easy transition from good to greatness. A hero isn't a hero because they win first place, a hero is a hero because they never give up. 

Your faith will be tested. Your strength will be measured. Your character will be stretched. But at the end of each day, you will know who you truly are, what are here to do and what you are truly capable of accomplishing. 

Fight through the rough seasons of transitions, and focus through the trials, knowing that no pain is ever wasted. Go after your dreams. Today, step out, step up, and walk by faith. Know that today can be the best day ever.