1-on-1 Training

The process of body-transformation must begin with a comprehensive consultation for efficacy. Our assessment process includes an in-depth personal fitness goal questionnaire, medical screening, exercise history, orthopedic and skeletal injury history. We will also address stress, sleep, nutrition, weight history, diet history, lifestyle changes and a nutrition quality of life assessment. We assess pain, anxiety, tension in the body, body-movement and gait patterns. Optional additions include a complete posture analysis and body-fat analysis. The process ends with a comprehensive physical movement and performance assessment. Each client receives a final report detailing the various areas of fitness performance and a summary conclusion.


  • PJ will work to motivate and create custom training regimens for each clients, as well as personalized nutrition plans. He will educate each clients on the ideal exercises and diet necessary to accomplish their goals.



Attention To Detail

  • With one-on-one training the focus is you; a program customized for your goals, limitations, and time frame. After assessing fitness level we design a personal exercise prescription, which becomes progressively more challenging as your health and fitness improve.



  • Through your training program you will be challenged with balance, speed, agility, strength, flexibility, power and endurance to all help you achieve maximum results.